Straight Razors & Razor Blades

For those in search of the finest straight razors and razor blades on the market, look no further than Taize® Shears. Recognized as a leading manufacturer, Taize® Shears delivers exceptional quality in its straight razors and razor blades, with a reputation that extends to professional barbers and shavers worldwide. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Taize® Shears straight razors boast unparalleled balance and weight, accompanied by razor-sharp blades that guarantee a close and comfortable shave. Additionally, Taize®  Shears razor blades, crafted from top-tier materials, are engineered for extended sharpness. If you are committed to achieving the utmost in shaving excellence, Taize® Shears offers a selection of straight razors and razor blades that will exceed your expectations.

Disclaimer: Some state cosmetology laws restrict the use of certain straight razors; we highly recommend that you check with your state's governing body before purchasing these razors. These razors are for only professional use. In addition, the use of these blades is restricted in some states. Please check with local state authorities. Taize® Shears is not liable for any consequential or incidental damage attributed to the use of these products or any other product we sell.

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